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20% DiscountSo we have our flyers back from the printing company, now we need to send them out. This morning our flyer campaign was officially launched! Door to door flyer posting is hard work, especially with a 6 year old “helper”, my son Thomas has been out posting with me this morning (until it started raining at least).

I had mixed feelings when I was walking round the streets, at first I felt like a 30 year old paper boy, I was walking round the same streets I used to as a boy. As an adult it felt a little odd walking onto people’s property and posting our flyers thorough their doors, silly I know.

The important thing to remember is that its a “Job” this needs doing as part of our marketing campaign (along side the internet marketing we are doing).

I am hopeful that some of these flyers will have the desired effect! Although unlike search engine marketing people aren’t actively thinking about our services.

With any new business we are pulling our finger out and doing a lot of the leg work ourselves, however I am seriously considering finding a distribution company!

I will be out again this afternoon as soon as the rain stops!

Andy Morley.

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